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    If I were to setup two dns clusters with cPanel DNSONLY, in the setup they will ask me to input the nameservers that should be used and binded. Should I input both on both clusters as was done in the dnsonly tutorial that was published on LEB or should I put the ns1 on the dns1 and ns2 on the dns2?

    Also, about resolvers, where people often put in and as in Google or is this something I should host myself? How?

    Thanks for any help given below! Also, no worries, Iā€™m not going to offering services, no need to worry about that. This is for friends and such.

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  • 03/18/18--15:40: MXRoute Support
  • I've opened a ticket on March 15th and have not heard anything from them yet. Is this normal?

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    I was hoping to gauge what deals folks have secured in the past that they'd never let go. For me, its the server below:

    Xeon E3 1270V2
    32GB RAM
    240GB SSD
    20TB BW @ 1Gbps
    Philadelphia, US

    $19/month (BI annual payment)

    Using it as a plex server.

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    Hello everyone.

    Am having an issue with a well-known provider, they claim that my account was hacked and someone purchased a server.

    1. I was using strong password.
    2. Was using google authenticator.
    3. Authenticator was not installled on my phone in the date of hacked account.

    Please advice as a good drama is on the way.

    Thank you guys.

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    2x Intel Xeon L5640 @ 2.27GHz

    12 cores / 24 threads

    64 GB RAM

    2x 250 GB SSD

    500 Mbit Network



    64 EUR


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  • 03/19/18--17:36: shoemining motherboard lol
  • I couldn't believe they make motherboards for this now... jebus!

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  • 03/20/18--07:40: email backup strategy
  • Hello everyone.

    I use an email provider via IMAP and rainloop as client. If the provider goes deadpool. I lost my emails or they keep stored in my machine?

    What i want is: If i need to change my provider, the emails keep untounched in the rainloop client, so i would just configure the imap for the new provider and everything seems transparent to my user.

    Is that possible?

    Thank You.

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    Hi all,

    I've 3 bare metal servers and these are configured with vmware vsphere 6.5 OS. As by default these vmware esxi doesn't public access so couldn't access internet. These esxi hosts are connected together in a private vlan. And we have Vyatta configured with internet access. And that private Vlan is routed to pass it's traffic through vyatta. vyatta is able to ping but these esxi host are unable to ping. can anyone help me how to configure this and explain me the things that i'm missing to configure.

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    A local provider launched today 10 Gbit/s fiber super cheap.

    I'm really wondering if they would like my usage case on this.

    I think such price is worldwide very rare. As they also clearly say unlimited and the fact that on their 4G network they don't make trouble with 10+ TB monthly this could be true.

    Only downside I must use my Juniper MX80 that I have as spare part here, as my Ubiquiti router don't offer 10G.

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    Hello, I am looking for a cheap dedicated server. My budget is 35 - 40 EUR per month. The most important for me is CPU and EU location. The server will be used for game hosting. Thanks in advance for help.

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  • 03/19/18--08:45: Dedicated Mail Server
  • Hello friends:

    I have a question:

    We are looking to provide the exclusive mail service for our customers.

    I wanted to know if you recommend:

    iredmail. hmailserver mailcow mailenable smartermail zimbra

    the requirements are these.

    • Opensource
    • panel admiistration
    • antivirus, anti spam

    and something that I have not been able to find: a panel to see the emails sent and received

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  • 03/17/18--02:53: CPU Routers
  • Does anyone have much experience building software routers (on normal dedicated servers) using different kinds of CPUs?

    Of course the network cards themselves are important, but I've never quite figured out how important the kinds of CPUs factor into overall performance. Certainly in the past, a lot of the router functionality was only single threaded, and so having multiple threads sometimes did not do anything to increase performance, and clock speed was an important factor. And if I'm not mistaken, routing doesn't use many of the latest optimisations of modern CPUs so often a 3Ghz CPU from 2010 would often perform very similarly to 3Ghz from 2017.

    I'm just paraphrasing what I've read, and not speaking from 1st hand experience. Does anyone know how true or applicable this is?

    Anyone run tests comparing an i3, to an i5, to an i7 to a Xeon E3 or AMD Ryzen 1700 or AMD EPYC?

    If clock speeds are the most important factor, then the i3s should perform similarly well to an i7, depsite the doubling of cores and threads. But if routing can be easily parallelized, then the AMDs with 8 cores should have them beat. Anyone with first hand experience?

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    And of course, the images can never ben removed owing to the way blockchains work, so...

    I'm wondering why people have not begun stuffing the chain with copyrighted media, etc. Permanent unlimited storage!

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  • 03/20/18--21:40: dead?
  • LowEndHelpdesk

    I have a VPS with,but 20+ days ago,I noticed my VPS is down,so I sent a ticket to them.

    Unfortunately,they said there was a disk error in the node which my VPS hosted,and no ETA for data recovery.

    Their staff said they could create a blank server for me right now,and when they get data back,they can replace it,I agreed that. - 09/03/2018

    But since that day,I didn't receive any further reply,I even sent some email to their owner/staff's private Email,but still no reply.

    Is there anyone can contact them or know if its dead?

    Best Regards,

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    I have 1month+ left on a Dual Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5649 dedicated server with

    Dual Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5649 2 x 4TB HDD (HW Raid w/ integrated cache on the controller) 32GB RAM 2 X 1Gbps Uplink 60TB Monthly Bandwidth 1 IPv4 Address

    Next Due Date: 24/04/2018 and will renew at $890 Annually

    Will transfer this server to any interested clouvider customer (customer must have an active service and account in a good standing) for $60 only (PayPal). PM me for details.

    Screenshot of ticket confirming i am able to transfer:

    Screenshot of active service:

    Thank You.

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    Hello guys. I've registered cPanel marketing newsletter list, and do some survey which get latest info about cPanel. And now cPanel introduce cPanel solo to hosting market.

    You can view their marketing email here :

    or their pricing page :

    It cost $15/month :/

    Why not $7/month for solo license?

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    Bad English.

    I am from China.

    two month ago , I have read some posts here recommond netcup "dedi cores" vps (as it is now going on ),and when I subscribed ,it did not ask for paying it ,which is weird but I know I should.I even ask them to pay it in the email. I have build a server and tried for less a few minutes as I remember. Then I cancel my account the same day I register it . And I received a email named " confirmation of your cancellation".

    I think it's over here. I just ignore the bill remind mails afterwards.

    last week I received a phone call from Beijing calling himeself ANDALIHUA law firm . Firstly they ask me for paying bills with teamviewer which I can 100% sure I never use a commercial verison,they keep asking me for my address my chinese name , finally I ask them to give some prove.

    Surprisingly today , I received a email from them ask me for paying the bill.

    It's my fault to ignore the bills remind emails AFTER I get a CONFIRMATION EMAIL for CANLLELATION.

    And I neither relpy them with MY HAND WRITING SIGNATURE. What a German comany want a Chinese handwriting for ?

    Now I calm down , I know that I make something wrong. I think I would pay it after they (BEIJING lawyers) sue me to court.

    Just post it here to remind some (Chinese) people.

    1. read everything your provider sent you ,do exactly what they ask you to do or you will be sued.
    2. dont ignore bills ,or you will be sued.
    3. dont sent your ID or anything similarly, or you would 100% be sued if you dont comply with them.
    4. dont use your real name , they just know my full name ,my address ,my telephone number, my photo(maybe), but I know nothing about them.
    5. use VPN everywhere, big brother and his fellows is watching you . (They said they made a mistake about the teamviewer bill and netcup bill ,but you can think further yourself.)
    6. still love lowendtalk

    bad day bad mood , but learn something new.

    And fcuk myself ,I am not happy with my server , I just trying to be polite, and sucks!

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    I'm looking for cheapest IPv4 addresses for remote use. Location must be USA. Need 3 IPv4 address. I'll use 2 IPv4 addresses as ns1+ns2 records and 1 IPv4 address as shared IP in cPanel/WHM.

    Please offer me at cheapest price.

    Thank you all.

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    Yes me too, I managed to grab a dedi for cheap enough price, and Im wondering if theres any new coin I should invest my time mining in, hoping it becomes even somewhat valuable in the future and which is relatively easy to mine at the moment.

    What are people mining right now? XMR/Monero? Electro?

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    Looking for:

    • Edgecast Verizon
    • Limelight
    • Level3
    • Tata Communications

    Or anything else I am missing.

    Already got the following:

    About 1TB of traffic per CDN. Should be as cheap as possible and ideally support pay-as-you-go

    Any ideas?

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